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General Lee House Snowstorm Haunting

In this excerpt from the book, “Prominent American Ghosts” by Susy Smith, a haunting produces a supernatural snowstorm inside of the former house of General Robert E. Lee. It’s the first time we have heard of such a phenomenon, though, cold spots are typically reported during the presence of a ghost…but snow? “A very curious […]

Book Review: “Haunted Stuff” by Stacey Graham

A review of the book ‘Haunted Stuff’… by Louis Charles Haunted Stuff: Demonic Dolls, Screaming Skulls & Other Creepy Collectibles by Stacey Graham When we were asked to review Haunted Stuff (it was released August 8, 2014), we were excited to read this book because haunted items seem to be the one enigma we stumble upon […]

How Can Objects Be Haunted?

After collecting pages and pages of information about buildings, ships, dolls, paintings and anything else you might imagine that could attributed to being haunted, it was only natural that we wonder what could possibly be happening, behind the scenes, to such a different array of objects and places. How could all of these things have […]

Most Haunted Buildings in Britain

Ghosts and Haunting Found in Great Britain (Cheers to Atlantis Property who has provided us with the location and details of each legendary haunt!) Thanks to a gruesome history littered with tragedy and violence, the United Kingdom can confidently claim to possess some of the most haunted houses in the world. Whether you’re a wannabe […]

Haunted Places

Thoughts on haunted places…are they nearer than we might like to think? “When my family and I first moved into this haunted place, which was about seven years ago, we had no intention of finding or experiencing spirits. But, when my two little brothers went into the bathroom on the day that we moved into […]

Haunted Vacation Tips

Various tips for how to improve your haunted vacations… Some haunted vacations can be quite tame while others may scare the poop right out of you! Word to the wise: start out with baby steps and work your way up to more difficult to bear haunted options if this is your first time. We’ve come […]

Best Haunted Attractions!

Some suggestions of fun, ghastly places to get spooked… Some of the best haunted attractions that are fast becoming popular are found at theme and amusement parks across the country. If you are looking for a spooky time coupled with rides and other things to do, a visit to these top haunted attractions might be […]

Haunted Vacations

A page of ideas for those looking to create their own haunted vacations… Are you looking to visit some cool sites and experience ghostly activity first hand? Some of our haunted vacations suggestions may put you in contact with ghosts. Other trip or furlough recommendations are just for some spooky fun. Maybe, you are looking […]

Spirit Rescue of Children

Is there such a thing as the spirit rescue of children that remain as earthbound spirits? How do you help a child ghost? Children as Ghosts?In my previous article about helping earthbound spirits, I shared my thoughts and experiences concerning Spirit Rescue and how I and my colleagues work to not only reach, but free […]

Spirit Rescue: How to Help Ghosts

Learn how spirit rescue can help earthbound spirits…ghosts. About one third of the United States population believes in the existence of ghosts. This could be because many are hopeful that their lives will indeed continue on after death or because some have had a very personal, paranormal experience that has confirmed for them that ghosts […]

Places to Look for Haunting

Ghosts are more common than people think, but do we really need to go some place to find a haunting? Are ghosts all around us, or are they bound to places and haunts? Let us begin by giving some ideas of good places to look for haunting, and then think about ghosts, in general. If […]

What Is a Portal Haunting?

A portal is believed to be an entranceway from the spirit realm into our world, a door. Some ghost hunters believe that portals exist between the physical and spirit worlds, and it seemed to gain ground with the movie, ‘Poltergeist.’ But ‘portal haunting’ is widely debated among paranormal investigators as little is yet known to verify […]

What Is a Poltergeist Haunting

Poltergeists or poltergeist hauntings may be the most misunderstood type of haunting, as some believe that poltergeist hauntings are not even a haunting at all. The German word “poltergeist” means “noisy ghost.” The best defining mark of a poltergeist is if there is any manipulation of the physical environment such as the movement of objects, physical […]

What Is a Residual Haunting?

Residual hauntings are somewhat hard to describe, but are fairly common. Also known as “psychic impressions,” residual hauntings are considered by many as the type of haunting experienced most by people. When a ghost (person or animal) or even an event is witnessed over and over again, or doing the exact same thing, this is […]

What Is an Intelligent Haunting

Intelligent haunting are those in which the ghost interacts with the present. It is intelligent, in that the ghost may communicate, or interfere in some fashion, with those of us living on the earthly plane. The disembodied person has elected, for some reason, to stay here due to a connection with a person, place or […]

Need Help with a Haunting?

Instruction and help for those seeking to solve or end a haunting… How to Stop a Haunting People who have an active haunting often want help but may not know where to turn. They might resort to using a local ghost investigative group to come explore their residence. This may or may not work, depending […]

Should You Talk About Your Haunted House?

Why you should talk about your haunted house or ghost sighting… A hundred plus years ago, especially in Europe, when someone bumped into a ghost or suffered a haunted home it was culturally unacceptable to speak about it. Such tales of haunting and the ghosts encountered were left undocumented in most cases. Many times, it […]

Ghosts & Haunting Types

Learn about three types of haunting by ghosts and spirits… When classifying ghosts and haunting, we find conflicting views within the paranormal research community. The following is an essential breakdown of three types of haunting or ‘spirit visitation’ one may run across – but we certainly could add more to this list (e.g. see 8 Classifications […]