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Ghost Hunting13 Videos

Ghost Hunting with Spiritual Intuition

Using Spirit Intuition as a Guide When Ghost HuntingHow our senses and thoughts help detect the presence of spirits… In the day of digital gadgets, many ghost hunters wrongly choose to disregard what they feel, opting for a more scientific approach. The problem with doing this is that the ghost investigation equipment we have to […]

Ghost Hunters Help

If you want to ghost hunt and want to help, don’t copy TV shows. Many people do not realize the existence of ghosts until they experience something paranormal. TV programs, such as SyFy’s Ghost Hunters and the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures have done a great job in bringing ghosts and ghost hunting to the forefront of the […]

Famous Ghost Investigators

A brief look at some well known paranormal investigators who were the forefathers of modern ghost investigation… There have been many contributors to research in ghosts and haunting, and we would feel remiss if we didn’t bring forth their stories and findings. So, we have noted four famous ghost investigators (sometimes, ghost hunters) who have […]

Apparitions Occurring Soon After Death

Thoughts about the Society for Psychical Research 1889 report entitled, “On Apparitions Occurring Soon After Death.” An argument is first made by Edmund Gurney in this report that the sightings of apparitions are not just hallucinations but may possibly be proven to be real by several ways, and also that the frequency of which deathbed […]

1883 Report on Haunted Houses (Cont’d)

This is page two of our overview of the 1883 Report on Haunted Houses by the Society for Psychical Research…details of their examinations into the cases of haunting. Actual Investigations by the Society of Psychical Research Committee on Haunted HousesAfter explaining investigative methods, the SPR committee then shares in their report numerous cases of haunting that they had […]

1883 Report on Haunted Houses

Summary of the first report on haunted houses from 1883 by the Society for Psychical Research… After being formed in 1882, the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) created six committees, one of which investigated claims of haunted houses and apparitions. The first summary of their findings was published in 1883 and tells of the procedures and […]

Society for Psychical Research

The Society for Psychical Research (SPR) was formed in London, England in 1882 to investigate paranormal phenomena. The group still exists, today, and has many members. Cases of the unexplained are examined in scientific fashion but without bias or presupposition. Some of the first topics explored by committees of the SPR included haunted houses, apparitions, and […]

Ghost Hunting Through Time

by MarlonWhether in an attempt to scare up intrigue or for actual scientific inquiry, our collective interest in ghosts is wildly on the rise. From major TV shows like Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters and Paranormal State to a mystifying number of websites, paranormal research societies and ghost book publishers; it is hard to partake in […]

Best Times for Ghost Hunting: When to Ghost Hunt!

The data listed below will indicate the best times for peak ghost activity! When should I ghost hunt? Well the consensus in the ghost hunting community is that the best times for ghost hunting seem to be during peak geomagnetic fields and solar storms (solar flares). Also, it is a well known fact that a […]

Ghost Hunting Definitions

Ghost hunting terms and meanings that may be encountered by the ghost hunter… Amulet – A piece of jewelry believed to have special powers to ward off evil. Anomalies – Something unexplained, usually found in a photograph, video or voice recording. Apparition – A spirit that is in human form and usually visible to the […]

How to Ghost Hunt

Learn how to hunt for ghosts! To learn how to ghost hunt, we believe it is first important to answer the question, why? Why do you want to hunt for ghosts? There should be a good reason to endeavor into ghost hunting before embarking upon the journey. Are you wanting to know if ghosts are […]

What is a Ghost Light?

Ghost lights, also known as spook lights, earth lights and will-o’-the-wisps, are luminous balls of light seen moving about in nature. Primarily seen outdoors, sightings of ghost lights have been reported all over our world (United States, Mexico, Norway, Australia, for example) and are likely caused, many cases, by natural, explainable occurrences. Ghost lights are not the […]

Ghost Attacks

A compilation of shared experiences concerning ghost attacks, specifically, what people have encountered… We have chosen to keep these very real accounts of attack anonymous as they were shared with us in the spirit of seeking answers or our help. We hope that descriptions of ghost attacks will help others, especially those who are experiencing […]