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In Earth As It Is In Heaven: The Spirit & Earth Realms

Bible metaphors for different planes, heaven and earth… The following is an essay that explains Christian, biblical parables about the spirit world, especially heaven and earth. We see that Heaven and Earth co-exist. We are all spirits interacting in this physical realm which we call “earth.” The world you see around you is “earth.” Your […]

Understanding Darkness, Light & Paranormal Phenomena

A look at the paranormal and how it aligns with the mental state of being lost versus internal enlightenment… For more than a millenium, witnesses have been describing ghosts, angels and spirits in various forms, ranging from very dark blackness to purifying bright light. After years of studying paranormal phenomena, we couldn’t help but draw […]

Ghosts & Religious Rites

How can we help ghosts, the souls of people who have died, especially those who have not had religious rites, after their passing? Recently, we received a couple of questions about helping lost, earthbound people transition beyond the earth plane. It is quite conceivable that fears about being accepted into a heaven or the ability […]

Ghosts and Spirits in the Bible

Are ghosts in the Bible? Human spirits in the texts of the Christian and Hebrew Bibles… We present this to show the Christian religious that, yes, the Bible does contain ghosts, or “spirits.” Some within christian religion believe that ghosts do not exist because they were taught that when one dies, they are either in […]

Ghosts in Christianity

Can ghosts be found within the Christian religion? No Ghosts in Most Christian Denominations Christianity, especially Christian Fundamentalists, argue against the existence of ghosts due to their teaching of an eternal hell. Fundamentalists believe that people cannot become ghosts, as upon death, people will either find themselves in an eternal state of bliss they call […]

Ghosts in Buddhism

Buddhism does teach the existence of ghosts through story and imagery, most specifically through what are called, “hungry ghosts.” Hungry Ghosts are used as a metaphor demonstrating that ghosts do suffer through attempting to fulfill earthly desires. It is an exercise in futility, because ghosts find themselves without physical bodies to be able to act […]

Ghosts in Judaism

Can ghosts be found within the Hebrew religion? Judaism is full of spirits… Judaism holds the traditional view that ghosts do exist but should not be consulted. The Hebrew word for ghost is ovoth, but a more profound and interesting Hebrew word for ghost is dybbuk. A dybbuk is a wandering soul that can possess […]

Ghosts in Islam

Can ghosts be found within Islamic beliefs? Islam, as a whole, does not teach the existence of ghosts or reincarnation, as many Muslims believe the Quran and Hadith do not make mention of either. The most widely accepted belief is that the spirit of a person remains in the grave until the end time of […]

Ghosts in Hinduism

Does the Hindu religion teach about the existence of ghosts and spirits? Hinduism teaches that ghosts are people without physical bodies, the souls of people who died before their time, typically by tragedy. Many Hindus believe human beings have two bodies. When the physical life ends prematurely with the passing of the first body called […]

Ghosts in Animism

Ghosts can be found within religion and animism… Animism is a term used to sum up ancient tribal beliefs that animals, plants and all objects, even the inanimate, have spirits. Consequently, ghosts and spirits are found within primitive tribes around the world. Theoretically speaking, animism is found within most tribal societies and believed to be […]

Ghosts Found in Religions

Examining beliefs about ghosts found within various religions… Ghosts are found within many religions, though many people from western cultures are not aware of it. Most religions teach that a spiritual aspect of human beings, whether the religion calls it a soul, spirit or ghost, survives beyond the destruction of the physical body. Ghosts may […]