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Stress & Ghosts

Can ghosts and ghost investigation be stressful? For many interested in the paranormal, ghost investigating can pretty much be just a hobby. If given some free time, part-time ghost hunters may embark on ghost tours, tag along on some private ghost investigations with a local ghost hunting group, or explore an old cemetery or building […]

Ghosts & Peripheral Vision

Can we better see ghosts by using our peripheral vision? Many sightings of ghosts are reported as being seen out of the “corner” of people’s eyes through what’s called our “peripheral vision.” So, we wanted to explore peripheral vision and ghosts because some wish to discredit the human ability to accurately see entities through anything […]

Solar Storms & Ghosts

What are solar storms in light of increased ghost activity? A report broke on June 9th, 2010 that the sun is more active, meaning nasty solar storms would lie ahead for earth. Solar storms affect communication satellites. This means cell phones, GPS navigation, radio communications, and much more will likely be interrupted. Of course, this […]

Planetary Alignment & Ghosts

Can a Planetary Alignment Make Contact with Ghosts More Likely?Some have theorized in the past that when the planets in our solar system align, the effect of the gravitational pull may allow for better interaction with ghosts and spirits. In this article, we examine this idea because a major planetary alignment will occur beginning June […]

Can Cats See Ghosts?

Do animals, such as cats, have extrasensory perception? Some wonder, “Can cats see ghosts?” This is due in part to many pet owners having witnessed their animals, especially cats, interacting with things that are not visible to the human eye. So are cats able to see ghosts? Some of the unnerving accounts we’ve received of […]

Can Dogs See Ghosts?

We explore whether or not dogs can see paranormal phenomena, specifically, ghosts. Can dogs see ghosts? Short answer: yes. Having examined numerous accounts of individual, paranormal experiences, we have found that many of them include descriptions of pets reacting to ghosts. What compels us to conclude that dogs are able to see people in spirit […]

Fear of Ghosts?

Do you suffer from the fear of ghosts? Are you afraid of ghosts? by Louis Charles If you fear ghosts, then this page can help! Many suffer from various fears, and our culture has a history of being afraid of ghosts and things that go bump in the night. The fear of ghosts is commonly […]

Common Questions & Answers About Ghosts

Can ghosts appear in photos? YES. Reports of ghosts in photographs began as early as 1856. Check out our collection of ghost pictures we’ve received from the past decade! Can ghosts answer phones? NOT KNOWN. We have yet to receive an actual report of ghostly phone answering! But ghosts have been known to make calls […]