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Spirit Help From Beyond

Are spirits and ghosts able to offer help from beyond? Is there spirit help, whether solicited or not, that occurs from within the unseen to those who inhabit the Earth? After analyzing thousands of people’s experiences, weighing them with the evidence we have collected for over a decade, we feel certain that all of humanity […]

Ghosts & Scrying

What is Scrying? Can Ghosts and Spirits be Contacted Through Scrying?Scrying is an ancient practice of gazing into reflective surfaces to invoke visions into the supernatural usually for divination (think Nostradamus). However, some use various methods of scrying to make contact with ghosts and spirits. Reflective surfaces such as crystal, water or mirrors are employed […]

Ghost Microphone?

Can a microphone be built to enhance the ability to record the voices of ghosts? The recording of ghost voices is known as electronic voice phenomena, or EVP for short. Unexplainable voices being heard during the use of electronic devices was discovered as early as the 1930’s, though it’s been said that Nikola Tesla might have […]

What is the Ghost Box?

What is a Ghost Box? How does the Ghost Box work? The argument has been made that Thomas Edison was working on a ghost communication device – a ghost box of sorts, to contact the dead. However, there are many Edison experts that would argue that it was only legend, a myth that is untrue. […]

ITC: Instrumental Transcommunication

What is Instrumental Transcommunication?ITC, short for Instrumental Transcommunication, is the use of electronic equipment for the purposes of making audio or video contact with the spirit realm. With modern day equipment, recordings of spirits and ghosts are captured in sound and image! Instrumental Trans – communication methods can employ electronic devices such as radios, televisions, computers, […]

Ghosts Communicating with Us?

A look at how ghosts may be attempting to communicate with the living through electronics… Are Ghosts Communicating with Us Through Electronics?After many investigations and numerous ghost and spirit communications, we are convinced that people who have passed and are with us try and make their presence known. Even better, we’re going to suggest that […]

Best Audio Recorder for EVP

We examine what is the best audio recorder for EVP recordings of ghost voices… Most ghost investigators who have worked to record ghost voices called EVP (short for electronic voice phenomenon) have chosen their preferred audio recorder through experimentation. It has been reasoned that certain people have a better knack for recording voices of ghosts. Maybe, […]

Ghost EVP

Listen to voices of ghosts, known as EVP! Learn about Electronic Voice Phenomenon… Ghost EVP, also known as electronic voice phenomenon, are unexplainable audio recordings of ghost and spirit voices that occur when no unaccounted-for-person is present to have made the communication. Many of the EVP that were captured, below, are voices of ghosts (or […]

How to Talk to Ghosts

If you are looking to understand how you can talk to ghosts, read on… Communicating with ghosts is possible but requires honing in on your own preferred method. With some practice and tenacity, you too, will be able to speak with people on the other side of the grave. Different types of the ghost box […]

Communicating With the Dead

Various methods for communicating with people who are dead…in spirit. Can the dead (or seemingly dead) contact the living? We believe that communication with the dead is possible, and there are many different ways to communicate with ghosts and spirits. Often, people remain unaware that ghosts and spirits are trying to communicate with them. We […]

Communication From the Dead

How to tell if a ghost is communicating with you… A few people can perceive ghosts, becoming acutely aware of their presence through either sight, audible messages or a “knowing within.” Often, we call such perceptive people, “psychic mediums.” But for most of us, we need to become aware of paranormal activity to know whether […]

Mediums & Ectoplasm

What Was Ectoplasm That Exuded From Mediums? In 1894, Charles Richet coined the strange word “ectoplasm” to describe a gooey substance that eerily oozed from psychic mediums while in trance. The word ectoplasm was formed from the Greek words ektos and plasma. Combined, the words mean “outside formed.” Ectoplasm in the late 1800’s and early […]