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Types of Ghosts26 Videos

Ghosts of the White House

A listing of some of the ghosts sighted at the White House by dignitaries, staff and workers… Could the most famous house in America be haunted? Yes. Haunting by spirits have been reported in the White House for over a century. Ever wonder whose ghost has been seen the most in the residence and workplace […]

Famous Ghosts of Hollywood

Learn about a few famous ghosts long sighted in Tinsel Town… When attempting to understand types of ghosts, it should be noted that any person, no matter their age, race or social status, may remain earthbound after their passing. And, some ghosts were once rich and famous. That’s not saying that the spectres, themselves, are […]

Child Ghosts: Ghosts of Children

Are there ghosts of children? People, today, still debate whether or not ghosts exist primarily because many have either had, or not had, personal experiences with spirits. For years, fundamental christianity has further confused the understanding about ghosts, even though ghosts are found within the bible. Fundamentalists still insist that ghosts are impossible to exist, […]

What Are Familiar Spirits?

What are familiar spirits? Are familiar spirits ghosts? Familiar spirits have been described as “helpful spirits” by various cultures, but actual descriptions of familiar spirits vary greatly. So perhaps, familiar spirits have been greatly misunderstood by many. One belief regarding familiar spirits teaches them to be helpful animal spirits, taking the shape of cats, dogs, […]

Peculiar Family Ghosts & Haunting

Can we inherit ghosts and haunting?Some families are known to pass down different, odd types of ghost experiences whose appearances seem to be precursors to family tragedies, even death. These types of “family ghosts” may be ominous sounds that are heard such as knocking, ticking, etc. and, many times, they are apparitions — but they […]

Family Ghosts

Do you have a family member who still hangs around after their departure? If so, you’re not alone… Beliefs in family ghosts are quite remarkable, not so much because people believe in spirits who live with them, but the stories behind ghosts that seem attached to families can be quite interesting. We have found that […]

Black Eyed Kids

A few years ago, there had been quite a bit of discussion about “black-eyed kids.” We had the opportunity to listen into a Darkness on the Edge of Town radio broadcast featuring renowned demonologists, John Zaffis and Andrew Calder, discussing their thoughts concerning this phenomenon. A few articles and stories about black-eyed kids also came […]

What is a Banshee?

Examining the spooky myth of mysterious, wailing women… Known for wailing, the eerie sound of a banshee is believed to be a female spirit, perhaps, crying in grief or foretelling of an impending death of someone. A banshee, in some folklore, when heard, is said to be a bad omen, a sign of impending doom […]

Types of Ghosts in Folklore

Tales of ghosts and spirits can be found within most cultures. The resulting list of ghosts for reference was gathered from many different pieces of folklore. Types of Ghosts Found in World Lore Acheri – in Indian lore, the ghost of a young girl that spreads disease to children Afrit – in Arabian mythology, the […]

Evil Spirits FAQ

What Are Evil Spirits? Within Christianity and other religions evil spirits are believed to be unseen forces that are negative in nature, namely, demons under control of Satan (aka, The Devil) in Western cultures. In Christianity, specifically, demons are thought to be fallen angels under the direction of The Devil. However, malevolant entities are not […]

Ill-Behaved Ghosts: Negative Entities

Understanding Negative Ghosts… Most ghosts are not negative or ill-willed, though entities with not-so-good intentions do exist. Through listening to personal experiences from those who have been attacked or bothered by negative entities, we have taken note of similarities and wish to share what I know, as well as what we are doing out in […]

Spirit Possession: Ghost or Demon?

Defining Demon and Spirit Possession as Ghost Possession Tinseltown has embellished the religious notion, through use of movies, that demons can possess the human body. Hollywood films along with ghost hunting TV shows have led some paranormal investigators to believe they can exorcise demons from homes and people. Some ghost hunters will even call upon […]

Hypnagogia, Incubus & Succubus Ghosts

Sexually Perverse GhostsExploring hypnagogia and hypnopompic effects and the possible relationship with reports of succubus and incubus ghosts… Our study concerning sexually perverse ghosts begins with a look at hypnagogia and “sleep paralysis.” All of us, at times, have awaken from sleep to find our bodies strangely paralyzed, unable to move, though our minds are […]

Real Life Ghosts

Searching for Real Ghosts in Lieu of Hollywood Depictions Recently, I attended a public ghost investigation of an old theater. Before people could explore the old, historical building with meters, cameras and audio recorders, I gave a talk about ghosts, haunting and how they communicate with us. I wanted to stress to the audience that […]

Earthbound Spirits

What Are Earthbound Spirits? Earthbound spirits are disembodied people who have remained attached to the physical realm, having not moved on beyond it, after their physical bodies have expired. Simply stated, earthbound spirits are ghosts. Some paranormal enthusiasts wish for a ghost to hang around them or their residence without knowing what they are asking […]

Ball Lightning & Ghosts

Are Ghosts & Ball Lightning Related?There are different types of ghostly luminaries, namely orbs and ghost lights, that we’ve explored in the past; but we’ve not yet looked at a phenomenon known as “ball lightning.” Knowing that scientific experiments have proven that luminous balls of plasma are definitely something that exist within nature, there are […]

Are Orbs & Halos Related?

Recently, we received an article from George D. Stewart ( that correlated modern day orbs captured in photographs with halos formerly depicted in artwork for hundreds of years. What a great concept and one which we believe could have merit and should, at least, be considered. Think about this: What if the old, European Masters […]

What Are Orbs?

Orbs have awed people since being witnessed, usually at night, in the natural environment. Orbs are transparent, balls of light commonly found in photos but can also be seen with the naked eye if light-emitting plasma. These “light balls” appear in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors. They have been captured outdoors, indoors, in churches, schools, businesses, homes, […]

What Is Ectoplasm?

Ectoplasm was coined from the Greek words ektos and plasma, which together means “outside formed.” Ectoplasm is used to describe spiritual energy with substance. Charles Richet created the word ectoplasm to first describe physical manifestations that appeared from psychic mediums during the late 1800’s while in trances. Ectoplasm was purportedly secreted from the medium’s orifices, such as the ears, nose […]

Types of Shadow People

Are There Different Types of Shadow People? Are Shadow Ghosts Different Beings? Shadow people are likely the most common description given for ghosts by people. Theories abound about the different types of shadow people. Some believe they can be classified into different types of beings, such as aliens, demons, disembodied people, animals, and even unknown […]